Secrets to stop worrying

Secrets to stop worrying and start living now

It often happens that our body reacts to the signals of the mind and we get sick or feel empty after failing an exam or a bad job interview. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato spoke about the relationship between the body and the mind. 

The causes of depression at all times lie in various areas – for example, in unhappy relationships or unloved work. American educator and writer Dale Carnegie, in his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, writes that the main thing is to find the source of stress and create a favourable atmosphere in your personal and professional life.

Stick to your decision

Stick to your decision

Have you ever made a decision and then regretted it? Carnegie says that if so, then you should not be embarrassed, because everyone has thoughts about the wrong choice at least once in their life. But the time you spend worrying and hesitation can be channelled into a creative direction. For example, consider what steps you need to take so that the consequences of the choice bring you satisfaction, not a disappointment. It could be playing at the Woo Casino online or any other activity. 

Try to live for today

Everyone knows these feelings: worry about what has already happened, or, conversely, excitement about an event that is yet to come. But, such an attitude toward events in life only harms today. Everything that is truly important is happening at the moment because the past can no longer be corrected, and the future cannot be predicted. 

Learn to get out of the most difficult situation

Many are accustomed to believing that the situation in which they find themselves is hopeless. But, it’s better not to dwell on this thought, but to try to imagine how it could become even worse. What are you really afraid of going to jail or going bankrupt? Or maybe lose your job? And now develop a strategy for getting out of this situation: for example, in the event of a job loss, you can always find a new one – even more interesting and prestigious. The American specialist claims that as soon as you accept the possibility of the worst option and put up with it, you will feel calmer and more confident.

Pretend to be happy until you are

Pretend to be happy until you are

Sometimes when cats are scratching their hearts, they don’t feel like meeting people or smiling at passers-by. We cannot change how we feel, but we can influence our own thoughts. If you feel sad or tired, try to force yourself to smile and start whistling your favourite tune. In this way, you “deceive” your brain, tuned to a melancholy mood. You do not have to show others feigned joy, instead, start thinking or remembering positive moments yourself. 

Try to please others without gratitude

When we do good deeds, we often expect gratitude for our generosity. But most likely, you will be disappointed by how few people are trained to say “thank you.” Carnegie cites the story of lawyer Samuel Leibovwiz, who learned this from his own experience. He saved 78 people from electrocution in his career. Guess how many people thanked him? No one. However, he continued to help people. 

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